Providing Professional Service to the Primary Sector since 1969


In a country with a predominantly rural population, and working from a strong retail base, we specialise in providing quality service to all agricultural sectors. Farmset serves a client base from multi-national corporations to village farmers, and cherishes its name as a reputable supplier.

Farmset is a 100% Papua New Guinean owned company. There is a large and varied shareholder base, from prominent PNG corporations to small holders and individuals. Farmset is still predominately owned by businesses and organisations 
based in the New Guinea Highlands provinces.

 Farmset's operations began in 1969 with the formation of the Farmers' and Settlers' Co-operative in the New Guinea highlands.  The enterprise was incorporatedin 1977 and, after 35 years of steady growth, is now firmly established as the leading agricultural supplier in the country.

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